Timer not working

I have a Timer module set to run, but it does not seem to be working.


  • The inputs on the Timer module are not being specified correctly. For the Minutes parameter, always make sure this is set in the range of 0 to 59. So for 7:00, it would be 0, and 7:05 it would be 5, etc. Think of it as if you are spcifying the actual minute to run on (e.g., 5th minute, not 05).

    Note these other options for the Minutes input:

    1. * will specify all minutes (the DataFlow will run every minute of the hour(s) specified, e.g., 60 times
    2. comma separated values: if you want it to run at 7:00,7:15 and 7:30, you would specify 0,15,30

  • Just a quick confirmation that if I want to run a file load quarterly on the 4th of the month this is the proper way to designate the months?

  • The above needs two fixes:

    • In DayOfWeek, place an * there. (This means that regardless if it is a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, …. it will run on the 4th of each month
    • Change hour to 7. Valid input here are only 0-23 with no zero padding.

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