Using the Key Picker

Typically, in a Dataflow, we load a Key using the Property Loader Module, as follows:

This approach works well and is useful in many cases (e.g., programmatic/dynamic selection of a Key during a dataflow run).

But there is also a Key picker functionality that is available, that may provide a “cleaner” dataflow when the Key does not change (e.g., “hard-coded” Key scenarios).

To use this feature:

  • Simply right-click on the input (green dot) and a Context-menu will come up:
  • Select the ‘Select Key Value’ and a modal will be displayed with Keys you have access to.
  • Select the Key by choosing the Key from the list, and clicking on Select. You will see the Key listed in the input:

Note: The Key name that appears is a link. You can click on it, and it will open up a new page with the Key that you can view/edit as needed.

  • You can have multiple Keys in one module. And since Keys can represent not just usernames/passwords, but also strings, integers, etc., you will find the Select Key feature on most Module inputs.

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