Connecting to Domo

Here are the steps to create a DataFlow that pulls data from Domo:

1)Create a Key in Composable that holds your public/private API Keys.

a) Go to the Key Vault

b) Create a new Key, of 'Username and Password Credentials' type.

c) For Username, put in the ClientID, for Password put in your Secret API key from Domo

d) Save the Key.

2). Now that you have a Key, you can create a DataFlow to pull data from a Domo instance.

a) Click on the DataFlow icon to open up a new Designer canvas.

b) In the Module Library, find the Domo category, for Domo specific Modules.

c) You typically first have to load the Key and Authenticate, using the Domo Login Module.

d) You can then pass that Authentication Session to a Domo DataSet Extractor Module, as an example.

In the above, DataSetId can be retrieved from Domo, by using the Domo DataSet Lister Module

e) Finally, you can write the data retrieved to your SQL db

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