Unable to place the multiple controls horizontally in same row

Hi Support team,

Am trying to place three different field in the same row horizontally. However I couldn’t make it work right.

I wanted to place all these fields highlighted in yellow in two different rows. Refer to the attached screen shot for reference.

However, when I open the form, I see Only the group level control is visible and the next set of controls are not visible at all. Refer to the attached screen shot for reference.

We don’t see any error in uploading the file or when opening the form.

Am attaching the excel template that is uploaded for your reference.

Could you please help us in developing the form in the required manner ?




  • edited March 2023

    Looks like this was an error in that build. Please try downloading the latest installer and upgrading Composable.

    Currently working on the latest build. This is what it looks like with your existing spreadsheet.

  • Thank you Mathew.

    With the latest download we see that the horizontal alignment is working fine.


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