Welcome to the Composable Support Forums

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Please use this site to post your questions to the Composable community. Feel free to start a discussion, raise an issue or ask a question. You will find the Composable development team and user community very helpful and responsive to your posts.

Composable is a fairly sophisticated end-to-end data operations platform, and we hope you are willing to invest the time required to learn the platform. In doing so, you will not only learn about Composable-specific uses and features, but you will also learn about big data, analytics, machine learning and dataops. This will lead to increased productivity and improved results in your everyday tasks as you become a digital master, building and rapidly deploying operational data-intensive workflows.

In addition to these support forums, we encourage you to look at these additional resources:

- https://blog.composable.ai - The product blog, which includes helpful articles and tutorials

- https://docs.composable.ai - Product documentation

- https://github.com/ComposableAnalytics - GitHub repositories

When starting a new thread, specifically when raising an issue, please provide as much details as possible. We also encourage you to please close the thread you started by posting a summary about how the issue was resolved.

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