Your first DataFlows... suggested exercises

here are a couple of exercises you can try to get you familiar with the Composable platform and flow-based programming. Post your questions!

Hello World

  1. Create a DataFlow that adds the numbers 4 and 3
  2. Stretch Goal 1: Externalize the inputs and outputs use the DataFlow from the “Run DataFlow” screen to allow users to add any two numbers.
  3. Stretch Goal 2: Change the output from a number to a string that reads: “The result of adding {firstnumber} and {secondnumber} is {result}.” e.g. “The result of adding 4 and 3 is 7.”
  4. Stretch Goal 3: Save the result of each Run in a database table with the timestamp of the Run.

Do I Need an Umbrella?

  1. Create a DataFlow that notifies/alerts the user whether they need an umbrella or snow boots.
  2. Use a publicly available weather API. Some examples are:

Stretch Goal 1: Allow the user to provide their zip code

Stretch Goal 2: Notify the user via email

Stretch Goal 3: Notify the user via Composable alert and/or Slack notification

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